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Somewhere In Paradise
 It is 7:00am and we are both still laying in bed listening to the waves crashing on the reef in front of us. We have been out exploring with our snorkels, spearing fish and combing the beaches for...
Recyclers Of Dreams
Kim and I have combed through a lot of wreckage in our time. We’ve found wrecks washed up on beaches and discovered them tangled in jungle vines. We’ve found them torn open and soaking on tropical...
Escape From Panama
After spending two years in Panama and Colombia we thought it was time to move on. We had met some wonderful people along the way and the water exploration was phenomenal, but we were ready for a change....
Bigger Isn’t Always Better… .. .
One of the features that I loved about our boat when we purchased it is the 6 ft long salon table. I imagined having guests over for drinks and dinner in remote anchorages and having plenty of room to...
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