Ep 5 Building The Joy Machine – A Dream Becomes Reality

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A cruising boat is a lot like a play-fort – a play-fort that can carry you to thousands of dreamy and unheard of destinations scattered all around the globe. Recently we’ve begun making some major changes to our own play-fort in order to add a little more comfort and convenience to our life afloat. Having traveled for 10 years and over 25,000 miles we’ve acquired a good idea for what is important in a cruising boat. Now, we’re busy putting these ideas to work, and we’d like to take you along for the ride.

While the dominant theme of most sailing vlogs seems to be sharing the excited first glimpses of freedom experienced by people just beginning a life afloat, we’d like to share with you the feelings and emotions of returning over a decade later to that original choice – the choice of ‘leaving all the BS behind,’ for the day to day serendipity of a life of adventure. Our goal is to show you how we got into this mess, what we learned on the way, and – above and beyond encounters with beaches and palm trees – we hope to share with you what we think it’s all worth.

Our main goal when we tied ourselves to a pier and started pouring the last of our savings into rental payments was to reconstruct our boat for a high-latitude adventure. Midway through our renovations, however, we met a couple that a lot of you may already know from their YouTube sailing channel. This couple had just purchased a fully outfitted boat that we had crossed paths with several years ago in Panama. This new couple was just getting started on their own sailing adventure, but already had a large following and support group along for the ride. Our encounter with them got us thinking about our own strange path and it only took a nudge for us to think about what it might be like to put together our own YouTube channel: “With all the experience you guys have,” exclaimed J, “you should be making videos!” And so here we are!

For over a decade we’ve collected terabytes of photos and filled countless journals on our adventures. Until now, most of it has remained buried in our lockers. But we’ve decided that it’s time to put our story out there.

Making these videos has been more difficult than we ever could have imagined. We’d like to keep it up, but we need your help. Along with the cost of all of the equipment we’ve been purchasing and piling aboard, the production of these videos is unbelievably time/labor intensive. If you like our videos and you’d like to see more, please consider becoming a bigger part of the adventure. As always, please give us a THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE to our channel. It helps us tremendously. Don’t forget to CLICK THE BELL so you can be the first to see our latest videos.

Thanks and best wishes on following your own dreams,

Scott & Kim

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