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New Horizons-- What’s in a Name?
When we bought our 38 foot sloop 17 years ago, we thought we had it all figured out– well, about what we were going to name it anyways. Everything else was still up in the air,...
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INTERVIEW with sail universe. Scott and Kim: “Sailing is another Chance to Reinvent Yourself”
In a previous life, Scott and Kim called themselves an engineer and an advertising rep. Since 2005, however, they’ve been fleeing corporate oppression and pondering the meaning of escapism....
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Introducing STB: We Had A Plan… Over the past year we have taken on more projects than we can honestly handle, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have always...
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Hurricane Matthew- Caught With Our Pants Down Part 2
Log – 10/5 Wednesday      We’re anchored on the north shore of the river in about ten feet. It feels so nice to be anchored, even though a killer hurricane...
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Some Assembly Required
     Eleven years ago Kim and I were swept over by a bold vision. We were tired and bored to death with trying to hustle some kind of existence out of the padded walls of a “cubicle,”...
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Somewhere In Paradise
 It is 7:00am and we are both still laying in bed listening to the waves crashing on the reef in front of us. We have been out exploring with our snorkels, spearing fish and combing...
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Welcome to our site.

We’re Scott and Kimberly – The Bourgeoisie Refugees.
Since 2005 we’ve been fleeing corporate oppression and pondering the meaning of escapism.
Please join us as we abandon old ways of thinking in search of a more connected and sustainable way of life.


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