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Over the past year we have taken on more projects than we can honestly handle, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have always stayed pretty low key and avoided social media and even our old webpage was more for family and close friends, but we are trying to break out of our cage.

A year ago we not only decided to tear our boat completely apart and refit it but we also decided to start filming our life. Some friends of ours convinced us that with all of our experiences we should make videos too. We thought that it would be a nice diversion to do something different and to use a different part of our brains for awhile.

Little did we know how much goes into making something meaningful! We went round and round with what we wanted to put out. A majority of the sailing vlogs out there are people just purchasing a boat and making a major life change for the first time. Some are only doing it for a year or two and others are on an open ended journey.

We have been out here long enough that the novelty of beautiful beaches and sunsets has worn off. Don’t get me wrong, we still love both of them, but our journey has morphed into something different. We were on the fast track – The American Dream – and decided we wanted out. As of April 1st 2017 that break will be 12 years.

Our boat has always been an unfinished project – something we’ve always seen as a blank canvas. Since we’ve owned it we have aspired to take it to high latitudes. The refit has been a daunting challenge and to undertake it while traveling was insane. We have finally committed ourselves to seriously working towards this goal and to finally make the to do list shorter instead of adding to it.

We hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us. We love hearing what you think. Please like, share and comment on YouTube. The activity will help us show up within the YouTube algorithms.

Once we start to get these videos up and out I will get back to updating the blog as well. So don’t worry if you prefer reading blogs I have more coming soon!

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