Ep 4 – Someting’s Missing — Island Life And Boat Tour

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In this episode – Something’s Missing – we share our experiences with wandering around tropical islands for years. We’ve been to a lot of populated and deserted islands, and they are all magical in their own way.

Some of our favorite places to visit have been atolls in the middle of the ocean with barely a spec of land available to sit on. There’s something about an island that makes you relax and feel like everything is going to be okay. But what happens when you spend years exploring islands? Does the magic wear off? Could you make your home on a deserted island and feel complete? We tested this theory and fortunately, we both came to the same realization.

We also show you the changes to our layout that we are making and explain why we are changing it all up. We are still trying to grow our channel and appreciate all of the comments we have received. It makes us want to make more when we hear that people are enjoying them. So if you find our videos entertaining, inspirational or you have learned something, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel, it is free to you and really helps us.

Thanks for following along on our adventure.  We’re still trying hard to get YouTube to promote our channel, and finish our huge construction project at the same time. It’s been an arduous task. 

This is an experimental episode. YouTube promotes videos that get lots of clicks, and the videos that get lots of clicks show lots of skin in their “click-bait”. So we’re trying to get into the game without losing our soul.

Cheers, Scott and Kim

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